ALERT: For those that tried to register and didn’t get a email. Or those that tried to post. I have repaired my email link so it should be working now. Some may need to check spam folder. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Retirement is just around the corner. I am still working in the IT department and things are still good there.  I have been working at home and looking at some minor home improvements for when I retire. I have built some web pages and set up a email server. I will be working on a VPN server in the near future. I am still concerned about my retirement but I am confident it will work out. I am looking at a youtube type server of my own to publish my home repairs when I do them. But not there yet.

Rumors of my retirement have been greatly exaggerated !!!  See old age blog.

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The Wall

Paragraph A 36 year old male and two females 20 and 18 got cought. My first thought was human smuggling. You can tell how tall the wall is and they had to rescue these three people from the top. People here in the US that say walls don’t work, I would say you don’t know …

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